Introduction of Respiratory Medicine

The Department of Respiratory Medicine offers evaluation and management of all acute and chronic lung diseases on OPD/ IPD basis. Established in 1990. Running DOTS under NTEP since 2000 with increasing case detection and treatment including MDR cases.

Infrastructure & Equipment available

  • 1. 2 Video Bronchoscopes
  • 1 Semi rigid Video thoracoscopy
  • 3. 8 Noninvasive Ventilators
  • 1 Portable Spirometer
  • 1 PFT machine (Body Box) with spirometry , Lung Volume, diffusion capacity , airways resistance, MIP, MEP.
  • 1 Impulse Oscillo meter – FVC, SVC, MVV

Have Invasive/ Non Invasive Ventilation. Nebulisation, Blood Gas analysis, closed pleural biopsy, pleural tapping, thoracoscopy , biopsy, trucut lung biopsy, intercostal tube insertion, 6 minute walk test, pleurodesis facility available.

Department of Respiratory Medicine at Bharati Hospital Pune

Services provided

  • Video bronchoscopy unit 
    • Pulmonary function testing-Spirometry, Body plethysmography, DLCO
  • Sleep study
  • Image (USG/CT) guided biopsy 
  • Pleural procedures-Aspiration, Pleural biopsy, Intercostal drainage, Intrapleural fibrinolysis, Pleurodesis.
  • Lung cancer screening 
  • Management of chronic lung diseases on home O2/NIV 
  • Medical Thoracoscopy
  • Tuberculosis OPD 
    • Screening of symptomatics 
    • Management of cases including MDR and XDR 
    • DOTs center under NTEP (case paper free for DOTS cases)

Specialty Clinic

Allergy and Asthma Clinic


Post covid Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Respiratory Rehabilitation /COPD




Dr.Ram B Deoskar
Department of Pulmonary Medicine


  • 40  Beds

  • 5 Beds – RICU

Upcoming facilities for patient

  • Planning to add sleep study lab and rigid  thoracoscopy.

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