Welcome to Bharati Vidyapeeth Hospital, where we prioritize the health and well-being of newborns and their families. Our state-of-the-art neonatology center in Pune is dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to neonates from birth, as well as expectant parents. As the leading neonatology hospital in Pune, we are committed to ensuring every baby’s best possible start in life. Trust us for expert guidance and personalized care throughout your neonatal journey.

Scope of Services

  • In-patient medical services
  • Neonatal early intervention services
  • Neonatal transport services
  • Neonatal cardiology services(except open heart surgeries)
  • Neonatal surgeries
  • Neonatal genetic and metabolic services
  • Neonatal neurophysiologic services
  • Neonatal neurosurgical services
  • Out patient high risk follow-up medical services
Best Neonatology Hospital in Pune
Neonatology Hospital NICU
  • Ophthalmology services including ROP screening and LASER treatment
  • Hearing screening (OAE and ABR) and interventions
  • Immunization services
  • Community outreach services
  • Infectious disease consult services
  • Paediatric orthopedic services
  • Antenatal counselling
  • Developmental pediatrics and psychologist services
  • Training of doctors, nurses and allied health personnel in neonatal subspecialties.
  • Advocacy role for issues related to neonatal and child health.
  • Quality improvement activities, health systems and clinical research


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