Nephrology (Dialysis)

The department of Nephrology has provided Dialysis units in eight stations located on the 3rd floor. It also has provision for dialysis bed side for patients admitted in ICU. With two machines and a separate dedicated R.O plant.

Department of Nephrology (Dialysis)

The dialysis department operates 24 hours on all days including holidays and Sundays, except during disinfection. Dialysis is available for all emergency cases including seropositive patients. (Only IPD)

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Dialysis (Actual Image)
Nephrology Hospital Dialysis
Dialysis (Actual Image)

Scope of Service

  • Maintenance haemodialysis on OPD for CKD patients.
  • Initiation of Hemodialysis for acute kidney injury.
  • Apheresis, also known as plasmapheresis, is another extracorporeal technique that selectively removes specific constituents from blood.
  • Peritoneal dialysis.
  • Continuous ambulatory peritoneal Dialysis.


  • To provide high quality and efficient dialysis for all patients of renal failure.
  • To ensure access patency (catheter) and viability (fistula).
  • To educate all patients in self care for hygiene, diet, fluid and access maintenance in the interdialytic period and avoid hospitalization due to effects of above.
  • To maintain Haemoglobin levels between 9-12gms for general well being of the patients.
  • To ensure zero sero-conversion.
  • To ensure that the RO plant satisfies ISO 23500:2011 specifications.
  • To ensure the water endotoxins levels are within the set standards.
  • Optimal Vaccination and prevention of blood borne diseases (HbsAg)
  • Optimal use of Dialyser tubing set.


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